Shree Chottubhai A. Patel

"Social Upliftment of Rural India and Women Empowerment"

The Trust

  • Our Trust was established in 1983 by our Founder Trustee, Shri Chhotubhai A. Patel. The Trust was originally created as a funding agency for health and education. After a period of about ten years, our Founder Trustee thought it fit to establish the office of the Trust at Mota Fofalia village, with a view to undertake rural development activities to uplift the people socially, educationally and culturally by providing facilities which are available to the people of urban areas. As a result of our sustained awareness program regarding the various projects being undertaken by the Trust, the villagers were ready to cooperate and take advantage of the benefits designed for them. However, we faced opposition from certain quarters who were interested in maintaining the status quo of an unequal social system which prevailed in their society.

  • According to the great saint and philosopher, Shri Swami Vivekananda "Each & every process has to pass through three stages Opposition, Ignorance and Acceptance." When we commenced the activities of rural development in the underdeveloped village of Mota Fofalia , situated at Shinor Taluka of Vadodara District, there was a reluctance to accept the new ideas and modern facilities offered by our institute for their development. This was due in part to their lack of education, blind belief, bigotry and traditional values which prevailed amongst them. Further, there was a resistance from the landlords and well established groups to the new ideas and benefits which were to be received by the poor people due to the implementation of the proposed projects, as they feared their dominance over the weaker sections would gradually loosen if they received more knowledge and facilities of civilized modern society. Additionally, there was hesitation in part of a group of self-styled local leaders to accept the changes mooted and propagated by the young Turks of the institute, to see that whatever was advocated would be implemented in real spirit. However, the dynamic youth who were the torchbearers of the ideas of their founder trustee, never looked back in the face of resistance and non-cooperation by the erstwhile leaders of the region and they showed their mettle by taking up the welfare oriented projects and implementing the same in totality.

  • In spite of all negative factors and adverse circumstances, the young task makers who were entrusted the implementation of various projects undertaken in the rural areas were inspired by the vision, guidelines and continued moral support of the main donors of the Trust: Dr. Kiran Patel, Dr. Dinesh Patel and Mr. Pradip Patel who presently reside in the United States of America.

  • Considering the difficulties faced by us and the hesitation of the beneficiaries of our projects, we thought it better to translate our ideas into practice by establishing a model project of the Community Health Centre under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) at the village of Mota Fofalia , with the support and cooperation of the state government. The benefits of health facilities provided at their door step became a blessing for them in times of emergencies and the services extended without any expectation or profit consideration made them realize the important role played by us in their daily lives. One of our rural development projects, Total Sanitation Campaign(TSC), implemented with astounding success at Mota Fofalia village with the cooperation of beneficiaries, earned us the recognition from the Government of India in the form of " Nirmal Gram Award " by the President of India in 2006 . Now other villages of the State of Gujarat wish to absorb our model as a replica and often visit us to study the paraphernalia, functional systems and work culture to start their own projects based on their social and local conditions. It is a matter of pride and pleasure for us to announce that so far about 1,200 village leaders have visited our organization.

  • The projects we have undertaken that have led to the silent revolution and transformation of rural society in our region are enclosed herewith.

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