Social Upliftment of Rural India and Women Empowerment

Establishment of Hospital

In 1996 our Trust started a Community Health Centre at Mota Fofalia under Public-Private Partnership with the necessary modifications in the Act as an experimental model project for two years. In the beginning, the new system of the Community Health Centre was not acceptable to the local people due to the fact that the Centre was charging a nominal fee from the patients to provide quality medical services, whereas there were no charges in other community health centre's functioning in different parts of the state. Further, on one hand the locals demanded employment in the Centre though they did not have the requisite qualifications and on the other hand the qualified medical practitioners and specialists were not ready to offer their services in a remote rural area.

In order to overcome the fees charged by the Trust, we persuaded and convinced the patients that the Community Health Centre provided quality services, like a private clinic in the city area, at their door steps, with the help of specialized doctors of different branches of medicine and thus the nominal amount paid by the patient is only be considered as a token amount towards the overhead expenses. Further, to sort out the issue in the appointment of para-medical staff, we selected the young boys and girls from the unemployed families of the village and trained them for the clinical services at our Community Health Centre itself. To avail the expert doctors and specialists for the Centre, we used our available resources and influence to convince them to offer their services by extending them extra incentives.

As of today, our Community Health Centre is declared as a model health centre by the Government of Gujarat for providing meritorious services under the public-private partnership model in health sector.