Social Upliftment of Rural India and Women Empowerment

Rural Infrastructure

In 1996 our Trust started a Community Health Centre at Mota Fofalia under Public-Private Partnership with the necessary modifications in the Act as an experimental model project for two years. In the beginning, the new system of the Community Health Centre was not acceptable to the local people due to the fact that the Centre was charging a nominal fee from the patients to provide quality medical services, whereas there were no charges in other community health centre's functioning in different parts of the state. Further, on one hand the locals demanded employment in the Centre though they did not have the requisite qualifications and on the other hand the qualified medical practitioners and specialists were not ready to offer their services in a remote rural area.

As the Government of Gujarat formulated the Gokul Gram Program, the Trust encouraged the villagers of Mota Fofalia to make their own contribution and have thus taken up various developmental activities such as laying down drainage lines, R.C.C. Roads, construction of water tanks, a community hall, etc. In the beginning some of the traditionally established leaders were against the collection of the fund for development purposes but in time we were able to take them into confidence and include them in the developmental activities of the village and convince them of the benefits the entire village was going to receive and further entrust them with certain responsibilities.