Social Upliftment of Rural India and Women Empowerment

Water Conservation Project

After analyzing the statistics of our Community Health Centre, we came to the conclusion that the majority of the patients suffered from water borne diseases due to the unavailability of clean drinking water and the consumption of hard water. To solve this problem, it was essential to store maximum rainwater in villages. In order to facilitate the water storage, our Trust made a survey in our own village and in this process, we found that due to the growth of bushes and other unwanted trees in the vicinity of the pond, the pond was not able to fill, even though there was plenty of rain during the monsoon.

To overcome the situation, we advised the villagers to remove the bushes and other unwanted trees as soon as possible. With the help of about 1,600 people from the village, all of the bushes and trees were removed within 24 hours. Following the removal, with the help of machinery provided by the government under public-private partnership, the pond was deepened, on average, by 15 feet. In the last three years the water quality has improved from 1600 TDS to 600 TDS.

After getting such positive results from the above process, the entire Taluka ponds were also dug up in a similar manner as was done at Mota Fofalia.